What Is The Average Car Insurance Price In Illinois?

Illinois is a state of great diversity, from the booming metropolis of Chicago to the far-reaching fields of the southern part of the state. Rural, urban, and everything in between co-exist peacefully in Illinois, and the residents of the state are proud of this fact.

However, when it comes to car insurance, where you live can be a major factor in how much you pay, so residents of some parts of Illinois pay far more than others for their automobile insurance.

The average automobile insurance cost for the state of Illinois is $1,047, well below the national average of $1,671. Even Chicago enjoys lower insurance premiums than the national average; Chicago citizens pay an average of $1,290 for yearly car insurance renewals.

Other cities in Illinois reflect the lower-priced trend of automobile insurance across the state: Rockford averages $1,007 per year; Aurora averages $1,178 per year; Peoria averages $994 per year, or close to half the national average; Joliet averages $1,132 per year; and Springfield averages $1,017 per year.

Clearly, rural areas in Illinois have lower average automobile insurance premium rates for all drivers, but the whole of the state is still well below the national average.

It is helpful to remember when comparing automobile insurance averages that these figures are derived from all types of drivers and vehicles. Individual characteristics play a far greater role than simple location in determining automobile insurance premium prices, and age, gender, and driving record may skew averages tremendously.

A young man living in Chicago who has several speeding violations and is driving a sports car, for example, will obviously pay much more for insurance than a middle-aged married woman in Chicago driving a sedan with a clean driving record. However, averages are useful as a “pulse point” for comparing rates in various locations throughout the United States.

The young man in Chicago with a sports car will still pay less than a young man in California with the same car, because California’s average insurance premiums are much higher than those found in Illinois.

Illinois is a tort-liability state, and requires a minimum of $20,000 per individual and $40,000 per accident in liability coverage for every driver. Illinois law also requires proper damage liability coverage in a minimum amount of $15,000, and uninsured motorist coverage with limits the same as those for liability.

If a driver chooses higher liability limits or adds comprehensive and collision coverage, his or her premiums will naturally be higher than those of drivers with minimum coverage. The deductible amounts for each policy can be adjusted to bring insurance costs down, as well.

When you buy your Illinois automobile insurance will also have an effect on premium price. For example, prices tend to be lowest in March and rise slowly through May in time for the “summer peak” when more people are on the roads and accident rates are higher.

Similarly, October through December sees a reduction in price, but in January, when ice and snow are common road hazards, prices rise once again then drop in time for spring. The lowest-priced months in which to purchase car insurance were March at an average of $984 statewide, June at an average of $974, and December at an average of $972, according to data from the past year.

The highest-priced months for the past year were May at an average of $1,089, September at an average of $1,066, and January at an average of $1,094.

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